Sights in the area

Sightseeing and information about the region Oberhausen

Westfield Centro (2,5km)

The Westfield Centro is the largest shopping and leisure center in Europe. In addition to a variety of boutiques and restaurants, it also has many leisure attractions. These include the Rudolf Weber ArenaSealifeLegoland, the Aqua Park and Tiger-Jump. The Westfield Centro is 2.5 km away from the hotel, the individual leisure attractions can lie up to max. 4 km away from us.

Kaisergarten (1,5km)

The Kaisergarten is a park in the heart of Oberhausen, a good place for a stroll. Even for the little ones there is taken care of with the vivarium in the Kaisergarten. Likewise the Schloss Oberhausen is located at the Kaisergarten. The Schloss Oberhausen contains the Ludwig Gallery, which is a cultural experience with many exhibitions. The main entrance next to the castle is 2 km away from us, the rear entrance is 1.5 km away from us and is easily reached on foot. Ask at our reception for directions.

Gasometer Oberhausen (1,5km)

The gasometer was with his 117.5 m not only Europe’s biggest gas tank, but is today an indispensable landmark in Oberhausen and is also the tallest exhibition hall in Europe. But not only the exhibitions make the Gasometer into something special, even the ability to walk through the observation deck and to see the Ruhr area from above, is a highlight. The distance from our hotel to the Gasometer is 1.5 km.

Rheinisches Industrie Museum (600m)

The Rheinisches Industrie Museum in the old Altenberg zinc factory brings the visitors the industrial culture closer. In addition to the tools and testing machines, they also tell the story about the everyday lives of men and women who’malochten’ (worked) in the iron and steel industry. You can also test your skill in which you can try your best in the entrance examination for apprentices there. You can reach the Rheinisches Industrie Museum by a five minute walk (600m).

Halle B1   (500m)

The Halle B1 is only 500 m away from us.
Mon-Thur from 7:30 – 23:00 o´clock (Fri only until 22:00 o´clock), and Sat and Sun 09:00 – 18:00 o´clock you can use the Fitnessstudio.

Hauptbahnhof Oberhausen (650m)

In addition to local and long distance connections there is a museum platform available at the Oberhausen Hauptbahnhof. On the disused railway platforms 4 and 5 there is a presentation of the history of the station. In the evening the platforms and the train from the time of heavy industry are illuminated in fascinating color tones.

Oberhausen Innenstadt (1km)

“In the Oberhausen city center you will find shopping opportunities for short-term and long-term needs in every price segment Quaint pubs and modern cafes offer the typical atmosphere of the Ruhr theatercabaret templemuseum and cinema are available for a wide -.. Over the city boundaries important – cultural scene. ” (

Congress Centrum Oberhausen (1,5km)

The CC Oberhausen in the Luise Albertz Halle with its 12 rooms and three foyers offers a suitable room for each event. Likewise, the top equipment and restaurant with beer garden is a plus for any event.

 Red Golfplatz (5km)

For everyone who wants to play 9 holes or just wants to train his tee shot on the driving range, you are right on the Red golf course. It is located 5 km away from us.

Revierpark Vonderort (4km)

You yearn for a little respite in the brine bath or a sauna session, then visit the Solebad Vonderort.

Burg Vondern (4km)

The legend of the castle Vondern is about a love story and the courage to gave his life for his lady to save her from the clutches of an evil green knight.
The water castle Vondern was built in the 13th century and is since 1987 listed. Today the castle serves for concerts and knight festivals, also have to rent the premises of the castle for all kinds of festivities. The castle is located 4km away from us and is easy to reach by car.

Theater Oberhausen und Ebertbad (1km)

The Theater Oberhausen offers a varied program and is for any theater fan a good place to start. The same applies to the nearby Ebertbad. Both venues are about 1km away from us and is easy to reach by foot.

Bero Zentrum (500m)

The Bero center has about 75 shops for the short- and medium-term needs, for example, food retailers, doctors, catering establishments, a pharmacy, an optician and a bookstore. Discover the many shops on 28.000qm.

Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord (5km)

The Landschaftspark was created out of the former blast furnace of Thyssen and was built in 1901 to process the coal more efficiently. 1985 the disused factory escaped demolition, so now the industrial buildings could connect with the surrounding vegetation. The park now serves many purposes, on the one hand it is an ideal place for corporate and cultural events (such as the ExtraSchicht). Second, it provides a wide range of leisure activities. In addition to the high ropes course and the diving center can also easily be made a cultural walk. The blast furnace 5 is free to all visitors, the particular turn, you can reach up to the viewing platform by an iron staircase. From there you have a wonderful view over the Ruhrarea. In the evening, the park becomes a work of light art. The landscape park is located 5km away from us.

Movie Park Germany (15km)

The Movie Park Germany is a theme park with lots of great attractions that are always appropriate integrated to the main theme “MOVIE”. The park is divided into five sections, The Old West, Hollywood Street Set, Santa Monica Pier, Streets of New York, and finally the Nickland. Nickland is specifically for children and there is plenty age-appropriate attractions to see.